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Zakat Al-Mal

It is meant to remind Muslims to be appreciative and to help empower those who have less

Zakat Al-Mal is one of the five pillars of Islam, and it refers to the obligatory annual charity paid by financially capable Muslims to help those in need. It is calculated as 2.5% of one’s total savings and wealth that have been held for at least one year, after subtracting any debts and necessary expenses.

The purpose of Zakat Al-Mal is to purify one’s wealth and help the less fortunate members of the community, including the poor, orphans, and widows. It is a way to promote social justice and equality, and it is considered a means of earning rewards in the hereafter.

Zakat Al-Mal can be paid directly to those in need, or it can be given to charitable organizations that distribute it on behalf of the donors. It is important to note that Zakat Al-Mal is different from Zakat Al-Fitr, which is a separate charitable donation paid during the month of Ramadan to provide food for the needy.

In Islam, giving charity is highly encouraged, and it is considered a way of showing gratitude for one’s blessings and seeking the pleasure of Allah (SWT).

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